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Arkaba's story is one of commitment to a remarkable conservation effort and proof that with love and care for the environment, that Mother Nature can heal. We believe that conservation of our environment goes hand in hand with an improved guest experience and our aim on Arkaba is to provide a unique tourism experience with exclusive private access for our guests to the extraordinary diversity of our property.


Arkaba had been a working sheep property since 1851. In 2009 when Wild Bush Luxury added Arkaba to its portfolio of luxury tourism destinations in Australia, the impact of over 150 years of livestock grazing was evident. The destruction and fragmentation of natural habitats through the clearance of vegetation for agriculture as well as the impact of feral animals and invasive weeds had significantly impacted Arkaba's biodiversity. The land was barren, eroded and void of many native animals and plants.

As a private wildlife conservancy we endeavoured to put in place successful conservation programs across the property, focussing primarily on feral species eradication and reversing the effects of years of livestock grazing. in 2010 we removed the sheep stock from two-thirds of the property, the last of the these sheep were removed in September 2013.


Proudly, our efforts are paying off. The removal of sheep allowed the populations of Red Kangaroo and Western Grey Kangaroo to flourish with increased sightings of both of these almost immediately, and since then many other birds, reptiles and mammals have returned to the property and the land is regenerating.  In 2016 these efforts were recognised when Arkaba was announced as one of the three finalists in the Conserving the Natural World category of the esteemed National Geographic World Legacy Awards. This category recognises outstanding support for the preservation of nature, restoring natural habitat and protecting rare and endangered species, whether on land or in the oceans.



As part of the Wild Bush Luxury collection we make a firm commitment to the principles of sustainability and conservation while hosting guests in this ecologically unique environment. We hope that with continued success of our conservation programs we will see the biodiversity on Arkaba return as closely as possible to that before European settlement. 

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"Fair dinkum! Care, conservation and compassion for a beautiful initiative in a beautiful place. Food, wine and comfort perfect. Our good wishes for the Arkaba cause."